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4wd Mercantour


From the coast, count one and a half hour by minivan to reach the footsteps of the Mercantour National Park, rated in the TOP 10 World’s National Parks by The Lonely Planet guide.

We change vehicle and embrak in a brand new Land Rover Defender for 1h drive to the altitude lake (1900m).

There we hike to the Vallée des Merveilles and its stone carvings (2 to 3 hours walk). Spectacular sceneries dominated by the Mercantour Mountain Range.

By midday, we stop for a picnic. Frequent observations of marmots, and mountain goats freely evolving in the Park. By 2pm, we slowly go down to the car and back to the coast by 5-6pm.

The Stone Carvings

All around Mount Bego, culminating at 2872m of altitude, a mineral landscape designed by the melting of the Glaciers, some 10 000 years ago, offers about 40 000 stone carvongs dating from – 3000 BC. Displayed on 4 000 rocks, over 2 valleys, this archeological treasure ranges from 1900 to 2700 meters of altitude. Welcome to the biggest and highest stone carving sites of Europe that brings us back straight to our ancestors some 5000 years ago!


For those who are not willing to walk for 5-6 hours, this trip takes you to the fantastic site of Vallée des Merveilles almost effortless. Activity managed by a professional guide who actually lives at the entrance of Park all year long


- 2 to 6 people.

- Full day (8:30am – 5pm)

- No experience needed.

- Equipment not included, bring walking shoes.

- Bookings 24h before, depending on availability

- Pick up/drop off at your door