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Whale Watching on a private Yacht


The season for Whale Watching starts in June and ends in October. The activity can be a half day (8:30am – 1pm-) or full day (8:30am – 7pm). Frequently observed species include Fin whales, Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales and Great, Common, Blue and White dolphins. The boat trip includes a presentation by our guide of the Pelagos Sanctuary and an introduction to the compartmental study of local species. Whale spotting is very frequent (about 95% chances in the peak season) but cannot, of course, be guaranteed

The sanctuary is an 87 500sqKm maritime space coordinated between France, Italy and Monaco with the purpose of protecting the marine mammals. Attracted by the abundance of plankton in summertime, many whales and dolphins can be observed in fantastic conditions.

Pelagos Sanctuary



- From June to October.

- Half or full day.

- From 2 to 8 people, no age limitation.

- Lunch not included

- Professional skipper since 1985, author of numerous books.

- Bookings minimum 24h before, depending on availability.

Our guide, author of numerous books, is a recognized expert for cetaceans. His activity is the only labeled “high Quaity Whale watching” in the region. It implies a great respect of nature and a delicate approach of the animals. Your boat is a 13m, privatized motor yacht with 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms, sundeck and flydeck